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[Bug 1017677] Better bootloader help
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  • Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2017 09:02:55 +0000
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--- Comment #7 from Richard Bos <richard.bos@xxxxxxxxx> ---
2) Is it possible to alter the 'boot code location' section to:

Boot Code Location / Boot from
[ ] Root Partition
[ ] Master Boot Record
[ ] Custom Boot Partition
Partition [ ]

Currently it states for the first two 'Boot from', but that is valid for the
custom partition too (my proposal above (and in the bug report)) makes the
three options consistent.

I agree we should make this part more clean. In fact it is location where to
install grub2 stage1. So I am still fighting what is precise but user
friendly label.

OK. Will it possible to have the cleaner UI in 42.3? ;)

3) Root partition: is it possible to list the partition behind the text?
When it is e.g.just /dev/sdb6 that should be doable and makes immediately
clear which partition is meant.

Well, it is possible, but problem is that we use udev names to prevent change
of kernel names, so often device is
which is too long for this part.

Is there another way to display to the user which partition is Root referring
too? Is it e.g. possible to hover over e.g. the word Root or use 'click here
for more information', so a window pops up showing the partition.

ok, in fact this section of documentation is wrong as it changed for Leap
42.2 and TW. Now MBR use disk MBR where "/boot" lives. so if "/boot" is on
/dev/sdb6, then it install grub2 to /dev/sdb.

I'll open a new bug report for this. I'll let you know the ID.

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