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[Bug 1017765] [yast2/bootloader]: Make it possible to exclude foreign OS' from the bootloader menu
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  • Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2017 18:33:54 +0000
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--- Comment #4 from Richard Bos <richard.bos@xxxxxxxxx> ---
I've no data that shows how much such a functionality is needed.

The people you mentioned are very likely also the people that appreciate the
functionality, and as they are influencers they may show their appreciation and
anthousiasm for the good things that openSUSE provides to others once they
learn about the functionality / possibility.

With a good GUI design the GUI won't become cluttered or complex.

Keep the 'probe foreign OS' behavior as is now (disabled). I've to admit
though that foreign is not very clear (it's like anything outside the linux
world, but foreign also refers to other Linux' or even openSUSE's

What about: Probe for other installed OS'

I've I believe 5 or 6 partitions with an OS, probing does not take long in this
case, but on the other hand the boot prompt is now really full :(

I've six OS' because openSUSE does not want to install nicely on this low power
system, it's really a big challenge... Hence I had to try other distributions
and openSUSE versions. I don't want to remove those yet, cause they help me to
boot into openSUSE... But I don't need them to show up at the moment in the
boot menu, they served their purpose for now, and in the end there should only
be one or perhaps two openSUSE's, automatically preventing a cluttered boot

Proposal for the GUI:

Move 'probe foreign OS' to it's own tab, this will for sure prevent a more
complex GUI. At the additional tab provide a button to look up the list with
available OS'.

[1] Probe for other installed OS' (checkbox)

[2] Exclude OS' manually (checkbox)
[ a line for OS to exclude ] (text field, space separated)

[3] OS' to exclude (checkbox, enabling it looks up the other installed OS')
[X] OS-1 (checkbox default enabled)
[X] OS-2 (checkbox default enabled)
[X] OS-3 (checkbox default enabled)

If [1] is disabled [2] and [3] are greyed out

When [2] is enabled [3] is grayed out and vice versa...

If the user enables [3], and it takes too long to probe for the other installed
OS' he/she will next time not use [3], but [2] instead. An easy to understand
GUI (if possible), but it gives the user full control over the boot menu....

Until my power saving, difficult to install system requires multiple OS'
installed, functionality to surpress unneeded OS' would be very welcome.

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