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[Bug 981625] New: java-1_7_0-openjdk fails to build with GCC6
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  • Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 12:36:53 +0000
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Bug ID: 981625
Summary: java-1_7_0-openjdk fails to build with GCC6
Classification: openSUSE
Product: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: Current
Hardware: Other
OS: Other
Status: NEW
Severity: Normal
Priority: P5 - None
Component: Java
Assignee: bnc-team-java@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Reporter: martin.liska@xxxxxxxx
QA Contact: qa-bugs@xxxxxxx
Found By: ---
Blocker: ---

Created attachment 678295
candidate patch

Package building with GCC6 reports multiple errors:

[ 559s]
error: left operand of shift expression '(-1 << 1)' is negative [-fpermissive]
[ 559s] all_types = ((1 << TYPE_LIMIT) - 1) & ((-1) <<
[ 559s]
[ 559s]
error: enumerator value for 'all_types' is not an integer constant


I've tried to come up with a patch, but the assembled VM crashes:
[ 396s] OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.6.6) (suse-2.6-x86_64)
[ 396s] OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.95-b01, mixed mode)
[ 396s]
[ 396s] 1. A1 B5 C8 D6 E3 F7 G2 H4
[ 396s] 2. A1 B6 C8 D3 E7 F4 G2 H5
[ 396s] 3. A1 B7 C4 D6 E8 F2 G5 H3
[ 396s] 4. A1 B7 C5 D8 E2 F4 G6 H3
[ 396s] 5. A2 B4 C6 D8 E3 F1 G7 H5
[ 396s] 6. A2 B5 C7 D1 E3 F8 G6 H4
[ 396s] 7. A2 B5 C7 D4 E1 F8 G6 H3
[ 396s] 8. A2 B6 C1 D7 E4 F8 G3 H5
[ 396s] 9. A2 B6 C8 D3 E1 F4 G7 H5
[ 396s] 10. A2 B7 C3 D6 E8 F5 G1 H4
[ 396s] 11. A2 B7 C5 D8 E1 F4 G6 H3
[ 396s] 12. A2 B8 C6 D1 E3 F5 G7 H4
[ 396s] 13. A3 B1 C7 D5 E8 F2 G4 H6
[ 396s] 14. A3 B5 C2 D8 E1 F7 G4 H6
[ 396s] 15. A3 B5 C2 D8 E6 F4 G7 H1
[ 396s] 16. A3 B5 C7 D1 E4 F2 G8 H6
[ 396s] 17. A3 B5 C8 D4 E1 F7 G2 H6
[ 396s] 18. A3 B6 C2 D5 E8 F1 G7 H4
[ 396s] 19. A3 B6 C2 D7 E1 F4 G8 H5
[ 396s] 20. A3 B6 C2 D7 E5 F1 G8 H4
[ 396s] 21. A3 B6 C4 D1 E8 F5 G7 H2
[ 396s] 22. A3 B6 C4 D2 E8 F5 G7 H1
[ 396s] 23. A3 B6 C8 D1 E4 F7 G5 H2
[ 396s] 24. A3 B6 C8 D1 E5 F7 G2 H4
[ 396s] 25. A3 B6 C8 D2 E4 F1 G7 H5
[ 396s] 26. A3 B7 C2 D8 E5 F1 G4 H6
[ 396s] 27. A3 B7 C2 D8 E6 F4 G1 H5
[ 396s] 28. A3 B8 C4 D7 E1 F6 G2 H5
[ 396s] 29. A4 B1 C5 D8 E2 F7 G3 H6
[ 396s] 30. A4 B1 C5 D8 E6 F3 G7 H2
[ 396s] 31. A4 B2 C5 D8 E6 F1 G3 H7
[ 396s] 32. A4 B2 C7 D3 E6 F8 G1 H5
[ 396s] 33. A4 B2 C7 D3 E6 F8 G5 H1
[ 396s] 34. A4 B2 C7 D5 E1 F8 G6 H3
[ 396s] 35. A4 B2 C8 D5 E7 F1 G3 H6
[ 396s] 36. A4 B2 C8 D6 E1 F3 G5 H7
[ 396s] 37. A4 B6 C1 D5 E2 F8 G3 H7
[ 396s] 38. A4 B6 C8 D2 E7 F1 G3 H5
[ 396s] 39. A4 B6 C8 D3 E1 F7 G5 H2
[ 396s] 40. A4 B7 C1 D8 E5 F2 G6 H3
[ 396s] 41. A4 B7 C3 D8 E2 F5 G1 H6
[ 396s] 42. A4 B7 C5 D2 E6 F1 G3 H8
[ 396s] 43. A4 B7 C5 D3 E1 F6 G8 H2
[ 396s] 44. A4 B8 C1 D3 E6 F2 G7 H5
[ 396s] 45. A4 B8 C1 D5 E7 F2 G6 H3
[ 396s] 46. A4 B8 C5 D3 E1 F7 G2 H6
[ 396s] 47. A5 B1 C4 D6 E8 F2 G7 H3
[ 396s] 48. A5 B1 C8 D4 E2 F7 G3 H6
[ 396s] 49. A5 B1 C8 D6 E3 F7 G2 H4
[ 396s] 50. A5 B2 C4 D6 E8 F3 G1 H7
[ 396s] 51. A5 B2 C4 D7 E3 F8 G6 H1
[ 396s] 52. A5 B2 C6 D1 E7 F4 G8 H3
[ 396s] 53. A5 B2 C8 D1 E4 F7 G3 H6
[ 396s] 54. A5 B3 C1 D6 E8 F2 G4 H7
[ 396s] 55. A5 B3 C1 D7 E2 F8 G6 H4
[ 396s] 56. A5 B3 C8 D4 E7 F1 G6 H2
[ 396s] #
[ 396s] # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
[ 396s] #
[ 396s] # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x00007f1faaee165b, pid=11372,

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