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[Bug 964553] Impossible to boot from read only snapshot
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  • Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2016 12:41:18 +0000
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Steps to Reproduce:
1.Start the rig
2.on grub menu, choose "Start boot loader from a read-only snapshot"
3.Choose one in the listed snapshots, #X enter on "Bootable snapshot #X"

You should not press enter on the title, you should select a boot entry.
Most likely the second or third entry.

The first line is not a title: it's one in items of the list; however
choosing an entry below the first does not change the result: it does not

Sorry but the first entry is used to display the snapshot number and not
used for booting, because people may need to know what the snapshot this
menu belongs to and currently no good means in boot menu for displaying
that, so that we carry first menu entry title to display it until a good
solution can be found.

The second or third are your snapshotted boot (menu)entry, what's the error
message that it does not boot ?

I red again my post, I did not want to criticize in any way, I'm sorry if it
sound rude - however I think that the first item could be more explicative,
kind of "don't choose me, choose one in the list below" :-).

I think we have to consider it, thanks.

You are not the first one reported that attempting to boot first entry is
unbootable. I think we should try to improve it to be less confused. Besides it
adds unwanted side effects in shifting the default entries in snapshotted
grub.cfg if 'number' is used to index the entries. The proposed solution would
be to use grub theme's label, but it lacks the ability to display text at run
time so that requires patching grub2. And also it's not available in naked or
text based menu without theme.

Another one would be to specifically handle first entry named the title
'bootable snapshot #..' to separate it from others, made it not counted as
valid thus skipped and unselectable. but that's also ugly imho.

I split my answer in two parts.

First, as I wrote, there was no way to boot whichever entry I chose, and I
got no error - just a black screen in case of second entry.

It could also be an issue from X, booting to text mode usually works for me.

Second, it looks like the last grub fixed the issue, I mean grub2

I'm going to fresh net install the system, in order to clean up messy things
around. I'll be reporting back as soon as I've test booting from snapshot on
the fresh installed system.

Thanks and waiting for your result.

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