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[Bug 875529] [epson-inkjet-printer-escpr] Reduced printable area (huge side margins) when printing with Epson XP-214

--- Comment #3 from Johannes Meixner <jsmeix@xxxxxxxx> 2014-04-30 11:23:56 CEST
When the various other drivers like Gutenprint, Ghostscript drivers,
HPLIP from HP, work with the base printing system in openSUSE
(the base printing system is more than only CUPS - basically it is
CUPS plus Ghostscript plus filters like foomatic-rip)
but only Epson's driver does not work, the root cause is very likely
not in openSUSE's base printing system but in Epson's driver.

Epson should make their driver so that it does not require
topmost newest versions of base printing software or any
particular version of base printing software packages.

Epson should make their driver in a reasonable generic way
(as the various other drivers that work basically "everywhere")
so that Epson's driver also works for Epson customers who run older
Linux systems (older versions of Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu,...).

A backport or patch is not possible for us because we do not have
such a printer model to reproduce it so that there is nothing
what we could do here.

Usually printer driver issues are not caused by CUPS itself.
More likely printer driver issues are related to Ghostscript
or to various filters.

If the issue in Epson's driver is related to Ghostscript
you may try out the current Ghostscript version 9.14.

The current Ghostscript version 9.14 is available from
the openSUSE build service (OBS) project "Printing" for
various openSUSE and SLE versions.

Note that since Ghostscript version 9.10 there is
in particular this backward incompatible change:

* The CUPS filters gstoraster and gstopxl have been
removed from Ghostscript. Those filters are now provided by
cups-filters (a free software package hosted by OpenPrinting)
that contains all CUPS filters needed by CUPS under Linux
(see also the openSUSE issue bnc#735404 comment#44 at

For printing to non-PostScript printers one may need gstoraster
(e.g. when using the printer drivers HPCUPS and gutenprint
and when using the epson-inkjet-printer-escpr driver)
which means since Ghostscript version 9.10 one may need cups-filters.

But cups-filters as a whole is incompatible with CUPS < 1.6
(in particular incompatible with CUPS 1.5.4 in openSUSE
because cups-filters provides duplicate files of CUPS 1.5.4)
which means for using Ghostscript version >= 9.10 one needs only
the sub-package cups-filters-ghostscript which is available
from the OBS "Printing" project but only for openSUSE >= 12.3.

After installing the binary RPMs ghostscript, ghostscript-x11,
and cups-filters-ghostscript from the OBS "Printing" project,
it may be required to restart the cupsd
(e.g. "systemctl restart cups.service" or whatever you use
on your particular system - cf. cups.socket/cups.path).

Background information regarding gstoraster:

gstoraster is a filter to convert PostScript and PDF to
CUPS raster data by using the Ghostscript driver "cups".

gstoraster is usually needed by the following printer drivers:
- HPCUPS: the native CUPS driver from HPLIP for HP printers
- gutenprint: the driver in the gutenprint RPM for various models
- epson-escpr: the driver in the epson-inkjet-printer-escpr RPM

gstoraster is usually not needed by printer drivers like
- HPIJS: an external Ghostscript driver from HPLIP for HP printers
- Ghostscript built-in drivers except "cups": e.g. ljet4 (see "gs -h")

When you set "LogLevel debug" in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
and restart the cupsd afterwards, you can use something
like "grep PID /var/log/cups/error_log" to see what filters
are called by the cupsd to process your particular print jobs
with your particular printer driver for your particular printer model.

For example for my HP LaserJet 1220 PostScript/PCL5e printer I get:

For the HPCUPS driver:
Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstops (PID 29777)
Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/gstoraster (PID 29778)
Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/hpcups (PID 29779)

For the gutenprint driver:
Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstops (PID 29754)
Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/gstoraster (PID 29755)
Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertogutenprint.5.2 (PID 29756)

For the external Ghostscript driver HPIJS
(/usr/bin/hpijs is run by Ghostscript that is run by foomatic-rip):
Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstops (PID 8640)
Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip (PID 8641)

For the Ghostscript driver ljet4 (Ghostscript is run by foomatic-rip):
Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstops (PID 13988)
Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip (PID 13989)

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