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[Bug 874406] New: During installation 13.1 renames ethernet adapters to other than eth0/1. Can't connect to network
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  • Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 20:33:55 +0000
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Summary: During installation 13.1 renames ethernet adapters to
other than eth0/1. Can't connect to network
Classification: openSUSE
Product: openSUSE 13.1
Version: Final
Platform: HP
OS/Version: openSUSE 13.1
Status: NEW
Severity: Major
Priority: P5 - None
Component: Installation
AssignedTo: yast2-maintainers@xxxxxxx
ReportedBy: stevet@xxxxxxxxxx
QAContact: jsrain@xxxxxxxx
Found By: ---
Blocker: ---

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This particular system has been running OPENSUSE 12.3 (64bit) just fine.
Decided to install 13.1 to bypass a problem with DNS/DHCP (after I decided to
turn it into a Firewall/DHCP/DNS server).

During the 64bit install of 13.1 (clean, with reformatting of partitions), the
install can't connect to the internet even though it recognizes the adapter
cards. The card that will become eth1 (external) is lit and connected to a
running LAN (same config for testing with 12.3). The card that will become eth0
is lit, but connected to a switch that has no other devices connected). Install
is unable to connect, even though it knows to use DHCP. The Test of release
notes fetch fails. Log shows no DHCP reply(ies).

My Linux 12.3 64bit file server (completely different machine) is able to see
and get resolved the domain call that the 13.1 install can't find. So my
Netgear F/W DHCP/DNS appliance is working (and has been).

Because of the kind of failure I am having, I can't capture screens or logs (at
least I don't know how to get it done).

The adapter cards are:

Intel 82566DM Gigabit Network Connection [DEVICE:] enp0s25 <<< S/B eth1
Realtek RTL-8169 Gigabit Ethernet [DEVICE:] enp7s9 <<< S/B eth0

I have the adapter cards marked externally so I know how to connect the system
when I get the config all done and tested.

MEANWHILE, if I do an an UPDATE install of 13.1 against the 13.1 install, it
allows me to tell it to use DHCP for enp0s25. And it takes a while after
clicking next (on the release notes page) before it responds (enp0s25's lights
are flashing).

The question I have is, did my telling it to use eth1 and eth0 cause it to have
death level problems? Or is this just a bug? After all, I didn't have these
problems with 12.3.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Burn 64bit ISO to DVD for 13.1 and then go install in target system
2. Start install.
3. During config, tell system what you want the NIC cards called (eth0/1)
4. Tell system to test connections.
5. Boot new system.
6. Try to config the NIC cards.
Actual Results:
Init can't communicate with DHCP to get an address during install or after
install booting the system for the first or second time.

Expected Results:
I expected the system to recognize the EXTERNAL NIC and allow me to pull in
updates, patches, etc.

If this is a new idea, to rename NIC cards in a way similar to disk drive
identification (not using the old SDAn etc.), it shouldn't break when NICs are
named by the user [installer] to match external markings.

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