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[Bug 871704] every second boot fails during mount of a /etc/fstab entry

--- Comment #49 from Thomas Blume <thomas.blume@xxxxxxxx> 2014-04-16 07:24:58
UTC ---
Seems to be an issue with the cgroups:

df: ‘/usr/lib64/lxc/rootfs/root/sys/fs/cgroup’: No such file or directory

According to the manpage, systemd needs this:

Processes systemd spawns are placed in individual Linux control groups named
after the unit which they belong to in the private systemd hierarchy. (see
cgroups.txt[1] for more information about control groups, or short "cgroups").
systemd uses this to effectively keep track of processes. Control group
information is maintained in the kernel, and is accessible via the file system
hierarchy (beneath /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd/), or in tools such as ps(1) (ps
xawf -eo pid,user,cgroup,args is particularly useful to list all processes and
the systemd units they belong to.).

Can you check wheter:


is accessible from within the linux container?

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