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[Bug 841247] Grub2 fails with btrfs

--- Comment #10 from Michael Chang <mchang@xxxxxxxx> 2014-04-15 02:22:24 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #9)
(In reply to comment #8)
The grub2-install will try to embed
boot.img and core.img in favor of blocklist regardless --force afaics.

On Btrfs --force always fails as blocklists are not supported by GRUB on

It will not be *always* fail but the fallback (blocklist) installation will.
The --force provides nothing useful for Btrfs. (But some other file systems
like extX could fallback to blockslist via --force if installing on a vbr)

The question is why the 64kB bootloader area can't hold the grub2 images ?

Right, we'd need to see logs to see what grub2-install is complaining about.
suspicion is that the installer calls grub2-install with --force by default,
not merely as a fallback.

Meanwhile his mbr gap is too small, we need his yast2 log to know whether or
not other options (like enabled lvm) takes place then mbr is suggested
by installation then failed ...

Even if the MBR gap is too small it wouldn't matter in the case of embedding
the 64KB Btrfs bootloader pad, since the MBR gap isn't used at all in this

We need the log to know what's really happened. I just had some information
from YaST team that MBR is proposed by default for btrfs (which might
contribute to this error).

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