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[Bug 871704] every second boot fails during mount of a /etc/fstab entry

--- Comment #31 from Thomas Blume <thomas.blume@xxxxxxxx> 2014-04-07 14:13:45
UTC ---
If you add the option: "nofail" to all your non-systemroot mounts in
/etc/fstab, the machine should come up and you should be able to log in as
Afterwards, please try wheter a pvscan, vgscan, lvscan works.
If not, please check the PID of lvmetad and attach an strace via:

strace -f -t -p $PID > strace.out

where pid is the process id of lvmetad.
Let it running for a few minutes and then attach strace.out.
Afterwards, please kill the lvmetad pid:

kill $PID

and restart it via:

systemctl restart lvm2-lvmetad.service

then please check via:

systemctl status lvm2-lvmetad.service

wheter it is running.
If it is, retry the above lvm commands.
Do they work then?

IMHO, you don't need to keep the -ddddd to pvscan if it doesn't give an output.
Andrey, any objections?

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