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[Bug 848883] Firefox and Thunderbird not responding after initial window, dolphin and others very, very slow

--- Comment #3 from Jogchum Reitsma <j.reitsma@xxxxxxxxx> 2013-11-26 20:02:54
UTC ---
After a discussion on the factory-mailing list (topic "opensuse-factory]
Thunderbird and Firefox not working, Dolphin and stopping via KDE-menu very
slow") I have done several steps in order to tackle the problem.
- disabled nepomuk --- no result
- started the fresh install anew, now with only all needed for KDE - no result
- checked the disk for bad blocks - nothing was found
- repartitioned and reformatted the whole disk, now including the /home
partition, and installed anew - no result
- changed the kde-theme to something else than oxygen-gtk - no result

So I decided to install 12.3, and bring it up to the latest update. That system
works flawlessly. Then i upgraded this 12.3 to 13.1, and now the problems were

Thereupon I decided to venture the update of my " production" system (same PC,
other disk setup, with a Samsung SSD an boot- and root disk, and a 4-disk, 3TB
software raid-5. This is a partial luck: Thunderbird and Firefox run OK (be it
that Firefox sometimes won't do a download, that it will do some other


- dolphin takes more than a minute to start, from than on reacts normally
- the 'leave' -options take almost two minutes to pop up
- sound is working in Yast, not in kde (window ' Geluidsinstellingen' ('Sound
configuration') in kmix takes several minutes to appear, shows some hardware
items. but gives no test sound at either of them
- vlc, when started from command line, gives it's name and version, stays alive
as a process, (and cannot be stopped even with kill -9 as root) but gives no
opening window
- kdenlive, when started from command line, complains about missing, then says "QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null
receiver", and stays mutt.

gkrellm works, so I can see there' s no disk/CPU activity while waiting.

/var/log/messages gives no errors or warnings related to this.

All in all, an unsatisfactory situation, and I don' t know where to look...

Something in 13.1 is wrong, that's for sure.

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