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[Bug 735404] CUPS 1.6 has major incompatible changes. Do not use CUPS 1.6 on production systems!

--- Comment #57 from Johannes Meixner <jsmeix@xxxxxxxx> 2013-11-22 15:55:18 CET
One more noteworthy change in cups-filters-1.0.42 NEWS file:
- foomatic-rip: Moved foomatic-rip's upstream home from the
foomatic-filters package to cups-filters, to make it easier
for distributions to ship and maintain a complete printing
stack and also to make upstream maintenance and development

If I understand this correctly, it means that with cups-filters-1.0.42
I could remove our foomatic-filters package. I really appreciate
software package clean-ups!

The only thing that is currently in the foomatic-filters package
is /usr/lib/cups/backend/beh which seems to not have been moved
to cups-filters - but this does not really matter - I could easily
back to our cups-backends package, cf. "rpm -q --changelog cups-backends"
* Thu May 28 2009 jsmeix@xxxxxxx
- Removed the beh backend because it is now provided
in the upgraded foomatic-filters version 4.0.1 package.

Till Kamppeter,

perhaps it makes sense to also add the Backend Error Handler
to cups-filters to have an even more complete printing stack?

And if you are intersted, in 2009 I made a "pipe" backend.
It is a wrapper backend for printing to any program.
It forwards the print job data like a pipe into another command.

It is not needed often but for special cases it could help.
Only a few SUSE customers use it.

If you like, feel free to also add it to cups-filters.
It is just a bash script (I like bash programming :-), see

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