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[Bug 849752] 13.1RC2 Cannot boot from RAID1 volume(s)

--- Comment #13 from Joachim Wagner <jwagner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2013-11-20
18:16:39 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #12)

Would it be possible to add "--homehost=any" to the "mdadm" command when
creating arrays?

That shouldn't be a problem.
And this would be sufficient for feature request

It would be best to use the final host name there (rather than 'any'), but
'any' is better than "linux".

The final name is likely not known during installation. E.g. the system
might use DHCP during the first steps of the installation and a proper
network setup is done later (that's the current workflow of YaST).
It's a bit more complicated as there is a temporary hostname during startup
("linux-" plus some random characters on my systems) that is overwritten by
DHCP either during startup (in a "traditional" network setup) or when triggered
by the network manager. In my tests, it is this temporary hostname that is used
during md assembly, not the DHCP-supplied hostname. You can see and configure
this temporary hostname in YaST - Network Devices - Network Settings -
Hostname/DNS - Hostname (assuming a traditional network setup). However, before
using this hostname (instead of "any") one would have to check carefully that
DHCP is guaranteed to come after md assembly.

Furthermore, users who want the hostname to be stored in the md device (and
assembly to be restricted to the respective hostname) probably want a more
meaningful hostname stored there than the hostname generated by the installer.
(Note that this isn't part of the above feature request on openfate.) Imho, the
following is needed to implement this additional feature: (1) check that DHCP
always comes later, (2) the installer should ask for the hostname, (3) the md
setup should have a checkbox whether to restrict assembly to this hostname
(expert option), (4) YaST needs to update the hostname in the md devices and
any place it is used if the pre-dhcp startup hostname is changed (there's at
least one other place as comment 10 shows that it is not enough to change the
md hostname).

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