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[Bug 846914] 13.1 RC1 - when hibernating, the system requests root's password.

--- Comment #25 from Guido Berhörster <gber@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 2013-11-02 09:36:39
UTC ---
(In reply to comment #24)
OK, there was a misunderstanding ;-) I thought the issue was a runaway user
process, but you meant lightdm... (no idea how that one get's started, does it
has some hardcoded command, etc, and finally, i saw everywhere that lightdm is
logged as a user with logind). Note that with "pam solution", i did not have

Now, I'm not sure I understand you. What I meant was a leftover dbus process in
the lightdm greeter session after the lightdm greeter has exited. lightdm
itself is a daemon that gets started through /etc/init.d/xdm, the lightdm
daemon then spawns a greeter as the unprivileged lightdm user, e.g.
/usr/sbin/lightdm-gtk-greeter. Through a gtk accessibility module a dbus daemon
then gets auto-launched but it does not exit once the greeter is gone, thus
keeping the greeter session alive in closing state.
Something similar seems to happen sometimes with user sessions as well, see
session no. 2 in the initial report above for a leftover dbus daemon in the
user session.

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