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[Bug 825373] NFS3 & 4 server kernel hang on i/o load from client

--- Comment #5 from Otrebor Igorig <otrebor@xxxxxxxxxx> 2013-06-23 12:52:20 UTC
Another test:
I moved the vnas nfs server to the same Dom0 host (OS12.2) the client is
I mounted the nfs3 /home share again and started the compile job.

I got this behaviour:
the client DomU (dome121, OS12.1) hangs and has a totally unusable network
The DomU containing the nfs server (vnas) remains usable.

My guess now is, that the nfs server or network code in the DomU containing the
nfs server (vnas) is somehow trashing the client network stack. The only
remediation for dome121 is to 'xm destroy dome121' it and then 'xm create
dome121' it again.

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