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[Bug 825373] NFS3 & 4 server kernel hang on i/o load from client

--- Comment #4 from Otrebor Igorig <otrebor@xxxxxxxxxx> 2013-06-23 09:49:06 UTC
One more test:
I have moved one client DomU (dome121, OS12.1) to a different Dom0 host running
Xen and OS12.2.

Mounte the /home from the older nas (nfs3 only). Performed a compile test. This
works without problems. Was to be expected as this was the previous setup for

Now, mounted the home now from the vnas vm on the OS12.3 host. This produces
the following behaviour (performed the test with nfs3 and nfs4, no difference):
- The vnas DomU (12.3) doesn't hang anymore and seems usable
- The OS12.2 client on the different Host hangs after a while and does
not recover. Directly logging in as root via the xen console works as long as
nothing is affected that requires the network. e.g. a df -h fails/hangs as
there is a mounted nfs directory. Even a simple ping hangs forever.

It seems that either the Xen 12.3 host (Dom0) or the 12.3 vnas DomU trashes the
network stack of the client.

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