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[Bug 824861] boot fails because xp dependant drive not found

--- Comment #5 from Alan H Robinson Jr <root.aimcmp2@xxxxxxx> 2013-06-20
13:09:06 UTC ---

Dear Support,

You are ignoring the fact that I have shown you that OpenSuse 12.3 will
not start because of XP; at the very least OpenSuse should always start and not
be dependent on XP.

Also I have shown you that OpenSuse does find the OpenSuse's primary
partition and XP's primary partition by ignoring the dev/by id method and boots
with the fallback dev/root likely dev/sda6 or /dev/sdb6; why not have a fall
back method for other than primary XP partitions?

In all cases, OpenSuse 12.3 should start regardless of XP and you should
have some method fixing the boot up during start-up or of repairing the Grub2
boot loader method from a GUI.

I am hopeful you will refer this problem to development for a fix in the
near future.

Besides my specific problem, I have also suggest that you have on your
install DVD a repair tool(s) like the Simple GUI tool to Repair Grub2 Boot
and other repair tools so that one can fix and repair and installation from the
Looking forward to you working on these ideas.

Alan H Robinson Jr

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