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[Bug 825728] When installing with autoyast over serial console, second stage does not run

--- Comment #5 from Thomas Fehr <fehr@xxxxxxxx> 2013-06-20 10:40:44 UTC ---
I meanwhile have a setup with using VirtualBox, socat and screen that
nicely emulates serial console behavior and I can now finally reproduce
the problem here. So far I still have not much clue what really causes
the problem. It seems somehow the shell that executes
/usr/lib/YaST2/startup/YaST2.Second-Stage aborts. This can be seen at
file /var/log/YaST2/y2start.log, it aborts at different lines in each test,
but always aborts before real yast gets started.

Will continue investing this next week.

Regarding package selection:
Here you are more or less on your own with autoyast, there is not
the same automatism in place as in interactive yast. So I would be
surprised if the same autoyast.xml file would result in different
packages installed regardless of installing via serial console or not
(of course if the bug that second stage is not called would not be

For my testing, I mostly use
<patterns config:type="list">
In my software section, this provides most of the expected packages
but still gives a quite small disk footprint and a fast install time.

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