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[Bug 825904] Kernel Packaging: Update Bootloader if&only if kernel installs OK

Joschi Brauchle <joschibrauchle@xxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Joschi Brauchle <joschibrauchle@xxxxxx> 2013-06-20 05:43:45
UTC ---
So it looks like
1) the RPM post-scriptlet: calls
2) /usr/lib/module-init-tools/weak-modules2 --add-kernel ...: which then in
turn calls
3) /sbin/mkinitrd: which calls
4) /lib/mkinitrd/setup/ which fails to copy due to no space in
device left.

4) leaves the corrupted initrd lying around instead of removing it, but exits
with 8, which
3) uses as an exit code as well, signaling an error.
2) does not check the exit code so installation of the RPM succeeds.
1) checks for the existance of an initrd file and finds the corrupted one, then
adds the new kernel as default to the bootloader.

=> Voila, system does not boot :)

Another note: inside the RPM prescript, there is a check if more than 20MB of
free space is available on the device before installation. As the initrd of
OS12.3 is rather large (see bnc #801883), this value should probably be raised
to 40+ MB at least, which would be a (not really nice) workaround.

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