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[Bug 817651] Kernel 3.7 and newer breaks rpc.gssd -n and thus update of nfs-client package for openSUSE 12.3 needed

--- Comment #21 from Hardy Heroin <hardy.heroin+novell@xxxxxxxxx> 2013-06-12
00:28:25 UTC ---
Great! Thank you for this and all the effort you put it.

Regarding your Comment #19. I think it would be a great benefit to the user if
it were possible to mount without the root user needing to have kerberos
credentials. I think it is inconsistent that you may browse a mounted mount
without root credentials but you may not mount it, even though it is set
'mountable by user in fstab' - it just doesn't make sense to me. Do you think
you can dicusss this with the other NFS maintainers?

Also consider the case where automount has been set up. When a user logs in
(after a fresh reboot and without a valid kerberos ticket for root) his or her
home would need to be automatically mounted - would this work then? The user
authenticates with his or her login credentials and would aquire a valid
ticket, but can the automount process then use this to do the mount, or would
it crash on account of root not having valid credentials. Or would the ticket
somehow (by means of the PAM authentication process) be 'issued' to root as
well? This is confusing to me and perhaps you can give it some thought.
Meanwhile I'm going to try and test this out next week (set up automount).

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