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[Bug 822102] ImageMagick: /usr/bin/convert .eps file into PDF changes bounding box which results off-center printing

--- Comment #7 from Joseph Comfort <Joseph.Comfort@xxxxxxx> 2013-06-06 00:37:44
UTC ---
I will redo the comment.
I extended the study, and the issue is getting murkier. The attached file
contains 12 files: 6 files cv_range... from work (with the Minolta printer),
and 6 files xcv_range... from home (with a Brother HL-5340D printer). The 4
.eps files are all duplicates.

The pdf files of each set are distinguished as follows:
cv_range.pdf Convert: ps2pdf cv_range.eps cv_range.pdf
cv_range2.pdf Convert: convert cv_range.eps cv_range2.pdf
cv_range3.pdf Convert: convert cv_range.eps -page 612x792 cv_range3.pdf
cv_range4.pdf Convert: epstopdf cv_range4.eps
The xcv_... files were generated at home the same way. The two computers are
both x86_64 and are set up with identical rpms.

At work --
cv_range.pdf prints centered correctly (identical to cv_range.eps)
cv_range2.pdf prints off-center, but with the correct image size
cv_range3.pdf prints off-center, but with the correct image size
cv_range4.pdf prints centered correctly, with the proper image size

At home --
xcv_range.pdf prints centered correctly (identical to xcv_range.eps)
xcv_range2.pdf prints centered, with the image size expanded to fill the
xcv_range3.pdf prints off-center, but with the correct image size
xcv_range4.pdf prints centered, with the image size expanded to fill the

The xcv*.pdf file sizes are the same as the cv*.pdf sizes. The xcv files also
display exactly the same way as the corresponding cv files on acroread, okular,
and xpdf. These displays are the same as described for the home computer (not
the work computer). Looking inside the files, the corresponding pairs appeared
to be the same, but the 'cmp' command shows differences.

Thus: (a) the different methods for converting a .eps graph image to a .pdf
image give different results on computers with identical setups; (b) the .pdf
files print differently on the computers; (c) the image size is properly kept
on one computer, but not the other; there is off-center printing that did not
occur in earlier openSuSE versions.

I appreciate your advice about the 'convert' command, and the confusion that
can come from the large number of options. I started using it at one time
because it was a quick and easy way to convert to different formats at the same
time, without having to remember the names of particular commands. It had
worked, but I will try to avoid it.

It would be very nice if the different conversion methods could give the same
results all the way through the display and printing stages in different
computers. I don't know whether it is better to have automatic scaling or not,
but at the moment any control for it seems to be hidden. Automatic centering
is perhaps the best option, but then it should happen (as in the past). Things
have become very confusing.

I appreciate your attention and help.

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