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[Bug 822102] off-center printing on Minolta Magicolor 3300

--- Comment #2 from Joseph Comfort <Joseph.Comfort@xxxxxxx> 2013-06-04 12:28:45
UTC ---

Thank you for your thoughtful analysis and informative comments.

I am sure I found a bug, but it is either (a) disappearing with system/rpm
updates and/or (b) it is elsewhere. (Due to additional work, the figure got
regenerated, so it might be affected by system updates.) Some observations.

1) The print media was letter (612x792), not A4, so the size was OK (with the
landscape figure rotated to portrait).

2) My earlier comment that both the .eps and the .pdf files printed off-center
seems no longer to be correct. The .eps now prints centered, but the .pdf does

3) More significantly, the BoundingBox in the .eps file was 44 74 562 706.
However, in the conversion to .pdf, it got changed to 0 0 518 632
(subtracting off the lower corner). Hence, it printed off-center -- at least
on v12.3. (It is still a mystery why it works on v12.1.)

I think I have now identified the culprit. If I use ps2pdf to convert, the BB
in the .pdf file becomes 0 0 612 792. However, if I use the 'convert'
command (from ImageMagick), it is 0 0 518 632. The first one prints
centered; the second does not.

How should this issue be reported?

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