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[Bug 812266] Yast live CD installer ignores /etc/default/grub

--- Comment #9 from Neil Rickert <nrickert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2013-06-03 06:06:46
UTC ---
For #1 #2 .. Are they regression to 12.3 ? ..

I'm not sure.

My installs of 12.3 final were to an encrypted LVM, where I don't need to
change that "resume=" line.

My best recollection, which could be wrong, is that I did have the same problem
when I experimentally installed the education version

As for the GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR - I can't be sure on that either. For the
installation where I used "opensuse_alt", I originally installed as "opensuse"
and only changed that later when the conflict caused me problems.

The GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR is the important one for me. If that is not right, then
things will break for every install of a milestone or beta release. Perhaps I
should take preemptive action and change the distributor name of my main 12.3
install, so that future installs won't conflict with that.

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