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[Bug 804160] Boot menu entry "Check Installation Media" doesn't work

--- Comment #6 from Marcus Schaefer <ms@xxxxxxxx> 2013-03-27 08:31:37 UTC ---
I did several more tests. kiwi calls the following as last action on the iso

tagmedia --md5 --check --pad 150

after that I tested:

boot as iso

qemu-kvm -cdrom /tmp/mytest/LimeJeOS-openSUSE-12.3.x86_64-1.12.3.iso

and got:

checkmedia /dev/cdrom

app: 0x8ff99d37
media: CD1
size: 323814 kB
pad: 300 kb
check: 100%
check: md5sum wrong

any idea why the md5sum is wrong ? is --pad 150 correct ?

boot as disk

qemu-kvm -hda /tmp/mytest/LimeJeOS-openSUSE-12.3.x86_64-1.12.3.iso

and got:

checkmedia /dev/sda2

failed completely. but isoinfo -d -i /dev/sda2 worked fine

So there are two problems:

a) checkmedia is not hybrid capable, thus will not work if the iso is
dumped on a stick. But maybe that's not a problem ?

b) testing in iso mode fails but I can't tell why

Steffen do you have a hint for me ?


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