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[Bug 811729] What is fcitx doing opening and maintaining a TCP connection to ?

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--- Comment #2 from Marguerite Su <i@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2013-03-26 17:21:13 UTC ---
Hi, there.

I'm fcitx packager for openSUSE.

0. I explained it in #opensuse-factory just the day after 12.2 release to a
curious foreign people. It means this is a public acceptable affair.

1. It's not installed by default for all.

Provides: locale(fcitx:zh_CN;zh_SG)

Here's what we've done.

This code means: if you set your lang to zh_CN and zh_SG during the
installation, it will be installed by default.

The only usage of it is to include this package in our DVD/Live CD ISO, because
there's no manual pick-up logic in openSUSE.

2. About The IP.

Literally it's not _Communist_ China. It's just China. I think personally you
owe me an apology. It hurts.

If it's _Communist_ China, why you chose to learn Chinese? I'm born to be a
Chinese, I have no choice. But why you?

It's so rediculous, if I'm devil just because I'm posting using a Chinese IP,
oh my, devils never sacrifice for open source communities, they just eat'em.

If you judge things with prejudice, then sorry I can't help you at all.


It's a Pinyin server, and by its name, you'll know it means `pinyin on the

It's a Pinyin server provided Tencent/Sougou/Google to do things below:

You input Chinese, right? like "woshimarguerite".

Then it'll send this string to the servers, the servers will return you:

"我是marguerite",”卧室marguerite"....and many.

If people using this service select "我是marguerite" most,

Then the server will memorize "oh, it's the most popular".

Next time when you input the same string, it'll return the most popular one,
which maybe just what you want.

It's a probability game. That's how it works.

Because Chinese is a "one to many" language, "woshimarguerite" can match too
many things.

How many? 15! = 1307674368000 (I'm not good at math)

And it's just a very small Chinese sentence, with only 2 Chinese word + 1
English word.

So do you think the Chinese server can monitor all such things all over the


The server only store such strings and the actual Chinese word.

And the server locates in China.

So basically it means:

If it hosts the sensitive actual Chinese word, it'll be offline immediately.

You can't even use it.

So if there's no sensitive words on that server? how does it know that you
input one of them?

So it's not technically possible.


Google is an American company.

Tecent is a Chinese company listed on NSDAQ.

3. About the usage

As reasons above, and this:

It's installed by default for Chinese people, what's wrong if you are in China
and visit a Chinese server?


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