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[Bug 800514] YaST2 runlevel editor is does not work fully on recent system with systemd

--- Comment #13 from Kalenz . <me@xxxxxxxxx> 2013-03-21 17:09:50 UTC ---
Alexander, Lukas certainly knows more than I do, so trust him for now.

When I said I "warned", I mean that when reporting bugs there is a function to
flag a bug as a "ship-stopper", i.e., a bug that must be fixed before the next
public release is shipped. I requested this, and it was ignored.

If you read between the lines in Lukas' message, the idea is: "we know it's a
problem, but we simply do not have the manpower to fix all the problems right
now, so here's what we do: instead of making a stable 12.3 release, we make a
buggy release, so that the community users become frustrated, and then
hopefully they will fix all our problems for us".

Unfortunately, community users (like me) expect a basic level of usability from
openSUSE. Which means: if YaST is the all-powerful system control panel, then
it should be possible to manage system services from YaST, and this cannot just
be a broken feature in a *STABLE* release. Similarly, openSUSE users have been
battling with "Xorg -configure" and xorg.conf files ever since SaX2 was dropped
as "nobody has time for it".

I don't want a distribution that gives me buggy software and then tells ME to
fix it.

My conclusion is that openSUSE is no longer suitable for productive use, and I
expect to be switching to Debian soon.

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