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[Bug 810376] Totem could not startup: Some necessary plug-ins are missing. Make sure that the program is correctly installed.

--- Comment #7 from Gerald Pfeifer <gp@xxxxxxxx> 2013-03-20 00:57:33 CET ---
(In reply to comment #5)
You installed your system as a KDE setup, right? (A gnome install would,
as far as I can see, always end up with the packages installed; there are
many more things pulling it in).

This is actually a GNOME system (with some KDE packages), and I may have
caused the problem when trying to get multimedia working.

I already prepared a the maintenance update... with your confirmation,
I'll submit it :)

Cool, thank you!

(the message would have been more helpful if totem was started from a command
line.. )

Confirmed. Though, unfortunately in that case there are a number of
(bogus?) other warnings that hide this. Since the lack of scaletempo
actually blocks totem from running at all, should this be elevated from
WARNING to ERROR? Just an idea.

** (totem:2566): WARNING **: Element 'scaletempo' is missing, verify your

(totem:2566): Gtk-WARNING **: A floating object was finalized. This means that
called g_object_unref() on an object that had only a floating
reference; the initial floating reference is not owned by anyone
and must be removed with g_object_ref_sink().

(totem:2566): Gtk-WARNING **: GtkMenuBar 0x3479d10 is mapped but visible=1
child_visible=1 parent GtkApplicationWindow 0x33ab030 mapped=0

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