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[Bug 809190] AutoYast suggest wrong swap partition size when using <size>auto</size>

--- Comment #5 from Thomas Fehr <fehr@xxxxxxxx> 2013-03-13 17:26:49 UTC ---
Yes, the size calculation is done in Partitions.ycp which is
part of yast2-storage. But since I am currently maintaining
both modules, this is not relevant.

But this seems to be more a problem of the Yast Storage module than AutoYast,
So does the storage module actually propose swap size >=RAM on laptops when
user asks for a partitioning proposal?

No, as you already looked up, the swap size proposal has a hard upper
size limit of 2G. And you are right this is not optimal for hibernation.

From the fact that we do not get complaints or bugreports about that,
I would assume not a large number of non-tech-savy linux user use laptops
with more than 2Gig RAM. But in my opinion linux on laptops is a marginally
percentage anyway (probably by far most linux laptop users work for linux
companies ;-) and laptops with linux preinstalled, the size can be chosen

Unfortunately changing swap size for all systems would probably cause more
trouble (e.g. in area of o virtual machines with small virtual disks). And it
is not
too easy to detect if a machine is a Laptop from looking at hardware data.

I am not a kernel expert and so I do not know if one could use a file.
Certainly not without significant changes in resume handling and probably
not in the general case (e.g. on LVM, Raid)

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