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[Bug 808017] with crypted lvm in UEFI mode no /boot partition is proposed

--- Comment #9 from Michael Chang <mchang@xxxxxxxx> 2013-03-12 08:28:40 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #7)
Looks like there are different opinions about what is the best setup. For
reference, here is a discussion on the systemd list which indicates that they
plan to mount the ESP at /boot:

AFAICT there are several proposals so far:
1. ESP at /boot/efi, separate /boot as usual, only bootloader in ESP
2. ESP at /boot/efi, /boot on /, bootloader in ESP, bootloader implements all
features to access raid, lvm, crypto etc. itself.
3. ESP at /boot/efi, /boot on /, bootloader in ESP, bootloader setup script
copies kernel&initrd to ESP.
4. ESP at /boot, bootloader (optional), kernel and initrd in ESP.
would need to be packaged in e.g. /boot/EFI/opensuse then.

1. and 2. require feature rich bootloaders like grub2 while 3 and 4 don't.

My 0.02 cents

For none uefi firmware, there's no choice but either #2 or #1, so the solution
can be considered "generic" .. (if bootloader can't support #2 then fallback to

For uefi, we could offer ESP on /boot as (better?) alternative to propose #1,
it can't be any way better than #2 as that's the real meat.

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