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[Bug 807951] Bacula-fd client package missing service shell script file

--- Comment #2 from Stefan M├╝nkner <stefan.muenkner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2013-03-08 08:37:03 UTC ---
As far as I can tell, the omission of the init-scripts in /etc/ini.d (or
/etc/rc.d) was a decision of the maintainers of bacula package, because
"systemd will replace init eventually" (actually they expected it to happen in
openSuSE 12.2 already). I have been bitten hard by a crash in systemd on my
server here lately and I must say since in over 20 years of experience with
Linux I have never seen init crash, that systemd crash let me have a closer
look on systemd. On a desktop computer systemd has its merits accelerating the
boot process and solving some dependencies. But those benefits come at the cost
of a much more complex piece of software, depending e.g. on using d-bus (to
which systemd could not re-established a connection after the crash, refused to
do its job and hence I had to hard reset the server), depending on information
like in the above situation (PID-file locations, on which systemd will never
get a control, since it is configurable via the daemon's config file, but
systemd insists on the PID-file being in that location, otherwise stopping a
perfectly running process). I doubt that I will want systemd to be at the
heart of process control on a server......

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