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[Bug 786024] vsftpd broken - OOPS: priv_sock_get_cmd

--- Comment #22 from Tony Jones <tonyj@xxxxxxxx> 2013-03-01 20:40:43 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #17)
@tonyj: can you check the strace output and find why the pam returns such
error? The Linux-PAM-1.1.6/lib/pam_audit.c does this

rc = audit_log_acct_message (audit_fd, type, NULL, buf,
(retval != PAM_USER_UNKNOWN && pamh->user) ? pamh->user : "?",
-1, pamh->rhost, NULL, pamh->tty, retval == PAM_SUCCESS );

/* libaudit sets errno to his own negative error code. This can be
an official errno number, but must not. It can also be a audit
internal error code. Which makes errno useless :-((. Try the
best to fix it. */
errno = -rc;

pamh->audit_state |= PAMAUDIT_LOGGED;

if (rc < 0) {
if (rc == -EPERM && getuid() != 0)
return 0;
if (errno != old_errno) {
old_errno = errno;
pam_syslog (pamh, LOG_CRIT, "audit_log_acct_message() failed: %m");
return rc;

so audit_log_acct_message returned negative value, but if I have no idea why.

The code in audit (lib/netlink.c::check_ack())

/* NLMSG_ERROR can indicate success, only report nonzero */
if (rep.error->error) {
errno = -rep.error->error;
return rep.error->error;

Based on the strace log, rep.error->error is -1 which should be what is
returned back to PAM.

Is there anything informative in the kernel or audit logs? Otherwise can you
give me a quick tutorial on how to setup to reproduce as I'll have to debug the


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