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[Bug 657799] Icon set supplied in "oxygen-icon-theme" contains many icons that look out of focus.

--- Comment #5 from Bruno Canning <bruno.canning@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2012-01-31
13:36:36 UTC ---
Hi all, I've learnt more about this problem since filing the bug report,
apologies for not updating it here.

On a standard installation of 11.3 with KDE, open Dolphin, go to the "View"
menu, then the "Panels" section and tick the box marked "Information" on the
bit that pops out to the right of the drop-down menu, or just press F11. The
Information panel should now occupy the right-hand-side of the Dolphin window.

Now, mouse-over any folder or file icon and the big icon that pops up on the
Information panel looks fuzzy. Previously in 11.2, these big icons looked
sharp. Just to clarify, it is these fuzzy icons that I was referring to as the
horrible icons in my original post, not the oxygen icon set as a whole. I think
the icon set is actually very pretty.

So to the cause of this behaviour. Obtaining the "oxygen-icon-theme" package
from 11.2 and 11.3, unrpm-ing them, generating a file list with ls -R > file
and running kompare on the lists shows that there are many icons no longer
present in the 128x128 and 256x256 folders for 11.3. Of course there will be
some differences due to the distro upgrade but as the same icons are present in
both lists at smaller sizes, I think this is an omisson. So maybe Dolphin is
looking for the 128x128 size icon, can't find it, so is enlarging a smaller
size of the same icon, leading to this fuzzy icon behaviour. I can also confirm
that this behaviour is also present in 11.4.

However, further digging in the oss repos shows that on going from 11.2 to
11.3, the "oxygen-icon-theme" package was split, with the large (128x128 and
256x256) icons hived off into the "oxygen-icon-theme-large" package. This large
package is also present in 11.4 and 12.1 repos. However, I think that this
large package is not installed by default, leading to the problems I have

I've uploaded a couple of screen-shots to show the problem. Given that 11.3 is
no longer supported, I am happy to leave this bug as "Resolved" and
"WorksForMe" but does this problem occur with 11.4 and 12.1 and if so, should I
open new reports?

Thanks for your time,

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