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[Bug 728554] first login attempt after boot always fails

--- Comment #58 from Roland Hughes <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2012-01-25
18:19:51 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #57)
There's a bit too much discussion (and blind guessing) here.

On my slowest machine (a 32 bit system), I clearly see the cursor stop
after the first char. Then it won't accept another keystroke until it starts
blinking again. This is as reported by rens groenewegen in #43.

On that same machine, I last rebooted on Friday. I had the problem on the
first login after boot. Then I logged out. The system sat relatively idle
(but no suspend to memory) from Friday afternoon until this morning, though I
did login remotely via ssh over the weekend. Then I saw the same problem on
the first login this morning. So this is not just a "first login after boot"
problem, though that is when it is most obvious.

I am using ext4, so btrfs problems are not the cause.

And a big part of the blind guessing is caused by the ASS-U-ME ption that when
it happens it is always the second character. This is patently false. On the
machine I got rid of yesterday I could log in many times just fine, sometimes
second and third character eaten, sometimes a pair out of the middle, other
times it was characters at or near the end.

On the machine I've been building over the course of the last two days
(couldn't start until after 3PM when UPS arrived with the last of the parts)
the problem has NEVER happened. I've booted more than a dozen times without
seeing the effects. Granted, I'm on a 3Ghz quad core now instead of a dual
core from 2007, but, I should have seen the problem.

The only thing significantly different configuration wise is that I followed
this advice to the letter when disabling animation.

Before I had just disabled enough to get the most annoying things out of the

I have a few more things to test and install since I still have a PP card
coming, but, you all might want to try disabling animation as instructed via
the link, especially on the very slow machines.

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