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[Bug 740108] CPU load pegs at 100% when checking for and downloading e-mail-- can't type anything in any program until KMail processes stop

--- Comment #8 from Gil Weber <gilweber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2012-01-09 17:56:14 UTC
(In reply to comment #1)
Does the problem persist under a new user?

Ilya, unfortunately, yes. The problem persists under a new user. :o(

With Spam Assassin and Clam AV both running the CPUs alternately peg at 100%,
and while e-mail is downloading I cannot type in any other program and I cannot
even read e-mails.

After downloading e-mail under the new (dummy) user I then removed Spam
Assassin and Clam AV from the filters and downloaded more e-mail. This time
performance was better.

So it seems as if Spam Assassin and Clam AV are just overwhelming my system.
But given the processor and RAM I have is that reasonable, and do I have to
live with it if I want to have Spam Assassin and Clam AV running?

If I don't want to sit and wait (sometimes several minutes) for the processors
to be released is my only option to take out those two programs? Surely others
are not having this same problem or there would be lots of discussion on the

What is causing my system to go catatonic while e-mail is downloading?


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