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[Bug 728554] first login attempt after boot always fails

--- Comment #39 from Roland Hughes <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2012-01-07
13:39:55 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #38)
Same issue, but (for me at least) it's clearly a timing thing. When I start
typing the password on first login, the first char is accepted (dot appears)
and then several more are not (no dots). Then of course the login fails. If I
wait a few seconds after typing the first char of the password, I have no such

SuSE 12.1 x86_84 clean install, standard KDE environment. /home is on a
separate LUKS partition, in case that matters. Waiting after boot-up before
starting to type anything does not help. I do see the message from Comment #9
but it comes right after booting, not when I try to login, so I don't think
it's that. It has to be something that gets triggered with the first character
I type, and then takes some time before more input is accepted.

Your description makes it sound like someone has a focusInEvent() handler which
goes out and verifies the network connection after the first keystroke.

If they aren't using Qt, something equivalent happening when field gains focus
by first character entered. Network verification would make sense. ALTHOUGH,
When a person starts Libre Office to edit an existing document, a very similar
thing happens. The document is displayed, but it is several seconds before you
can type anything without the characters being eaten.

This might be related to the file selection box lag problem if what is really
happening after the first character gets entered is the opening of the UAF so
the password and user can be more quickly verified. Sorry, don't know Linux
name for User Authorization File.

For those who are into doing clean one more. This time make both
your root and home partitions EXT3 instead of the default EXT4. See if the
problem persists.

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