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[Bug 698250] colord: new dbus and polkit rules

--- Comment #40 from Ludwig Nussel <lnussel@xxxxxxxx> 2011-12-07 15:20:01 CET
(In reply to comment #39)
(In reply to comment #37)
It might make sense to have create-device imply create-profile and
modify-device, if we change the policy to KEEP. I can patch colord for that
you agree it's the right way forward.

I guess it doesn't make sense to allow creating devices but not to
immediately also create color profiles for them so constructing some
imply chain one way or another looks useful to me at least.

Actually, this will still be a horrible user experience as you'll still have
popup on each login :/ (the device is re-created on each login)

IOW it is impossible to use colord in a more restrictive setup. The
admin can only choose between allowing users to manage color
profiles/devices or annoy them.
So what's wrong here? Some thoughts.
- maybe colord should create permanent entries instead of temporary
ones. The amount of different devices you use is most likely not
infinite anyways. That way authentication would be only needed
once when setting up the device initially.
- colord (or rather the front-end that triggers it) could instead of
directly throwing an authentication popup at the user just show a
passive popup or systray icon to indicate that there are
unconfigured devices available.
- if temporary devices are a must for some reason maybe colord
should use a different privilege or none at all for temporary

I have no real problem with setting the privilege to 'yes' at this
point if colord runs as it's own user. There's not much it can do
besides filling up the hard disk and corrupting it's own database
after all (should be easy to jail via apparmor too). Just keep in
mind that this will paper over design issues IMO.

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