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[Bug 716745] yast2 failed to get DNS server up

--- Comment #25 from Alberto Molina <alberto.molina@xxxxxxxxx> 2011-11-18
17:00:48 UTC ---
I have done some curious finding.

My systems have been upgraded from 11.4 to 12.1, and then I experienced the
problems described here. Now I have bind running, but I cannot reboot the

If we do this:

1. Remove bind and chrooted bind with zypper.
2. Reboot (if you don't this you cannot delete /var/lib/named/proc).
3. Remove completely /var/lib/named, and every /etc file related to bind except
/etc/named.conf and /etc/sysconfig/named and /etc/named.d/named.conf.local
(this is the file I include according to /etc/sysconfig/named). You can delete
all of these files, but then you need to restore them from a backup.
4. Install bind using zypper.
5. Start bind using "renamed start".

Then everything works fine. Now, if we reboot the system bind fails to start
again with the same error described here, and the previous sequence has to be

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