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[Bug 710194] Tumbleweed: Recording channels should be muted by default

--- Comment #13 from Alex Müller <bugzilla@xxxxxxxxxx> 2011-08-14 16:45:17 UTC
Just for the record ;): I didn't unmute anything - stuff was simply suddenly
unmuted by default at about the time kernel 3.0 came around. KMix, Pulseaudio
etc. cannot be the culprits, as the buzzing started as soon as the kernel
configured its devices (must be one of the first messages at boot time), at a
time where nothing else is messing around with the audio devices.
This went on for weeks and dozens of boots as long as kernel 3.0 was installed,
the problem also survived a new install and a freshly created user account.

Now that 3.0.1 is around, I have inconsistent behavior, however, things seem to
go in the right direction: Probably for the first few boots today some older
configuration files still had the wrong settings (e.g. I had the phenomenon
that the buzzing one time started only at the moment KDE started up).

As the 3.0.1 changelog contains some lines about a wrong pin assignment with
Realtek-chips, I hope this fix will have fixed my problem, too.

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