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[Bug 679322] zypper doesn't respect some proxy settings, misunderstands others

--- Comment #11 from Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 2011-08-11
13:15:33 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #10)
I can verify too, that the issue with spaces has been fixed.

Thanks for checking

However there are still problems with specifying entire networks.
e.g. does not work.
This is supposed to work. What does 'proxy' (from the package libproxy-tools)
give as result? (start it with _PX_DEBUG=1 _MM_DEBUG=1 proxy )

Domains only work when there is an initial dot, like:
This is correct. There is no other way in identifying otherwise if a host or a
domain is meant. (The example in yast, regarding the settings for the proxy
fields, has the leading dot as well)

I would like to know if firefox uses libproxy to, when it is configured to
system proxy settings".
Yes, it does (at least the openSUSE packaged version. The upstream downloaded
one does not)

Also Yast creates a file /root/.curlrc with a single entry like this:
Wrong behavior IMHO. curl should use libproxy.

# Changed by YaST2 module proxy 04/08/2011
--proxy "http://localhost:8080";

How does that affect zypper?
Does it override the env variables? Why not a --noproxy parameter?
That depends on the backend used by zypper to download packages I'm afraid
(curl/aria). Up to the zypp-devels to clarify on that one.

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