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[Bug 668694] Broken screen brightness on openSUSE 11.4, Acer 4810T

--- Comment #31 from Ricardo Cornet <rcornet@xxxxxxxxx> 2011-08-09 21:37:51 UTC
I solved my issues after upgrading my notebook BIOS to the latest version,
through the DOS flash program. I don't have Windows installed, and read that
the winflash utility has some issues.

I did it by booting a FreeDOS image where I preloaded the bios utilities. Then
loaded/booted the image with syslinux-memdisk and grub2 from a flashdrive.

What's is strange is that with Ubuntu 10.04 last year everything fine, but
since 10.10, and later and of course opensuse the brightness has not been
working as it should.

This bios upgrade touched the acpi tables among other things.

Did something change in acpi specs that both the manufacturer and the kernel
devs knew, but regular people did not?? And so the older bios were rendered
"incompatible" ??

I'm just guessing anyway. but the fact remains that with this bios upgrade the
brightness works fine with current kernels and distros.

Two caveats for common people who might read this, The notebook used is a Acer
Aspire 3100 and flashing a BIOS is always dangerous. But both use Phoenix BIOS
and had the same general issues.

If someone wants the details of how I did the flashing with flashdrive and
FreeDOS, just ask. For brevity I'm skipping the details.

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