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[Bug 382344] default to /usr/local/lib64 for self-compiled stuff

--- Comment #15 from Stanislav Brabec <sbrabec@xxxxxxxxxx> 2011-08-03 19:56:00
CEST ---
I remembered that I wrote a small script called gnu-fhs which did even more. I
am not sure whether we want such features or at least subset of it. (e. g.

If yes, the script would need some updates.

- Plain "./configure" automatically defined sysconfdir and localstate (but I am
not sure whether we would prefer /etc, /etc/local or /usr/local/etc)

- It handled --prefix=/ and correctly set includedir, datadir etc.

- It handled mandir, infodir and docdir.

- It handled libexecdir as well. (There is a problem whether add PACKAGE part
to the path or not, but it is possible to support
--enable-libexec-add-package-name-to-path or so.)

- "./configure --prefix=/opt/foo" automatically defined
--sysconfdir=/etc/opt/foo and --localstate=/var/opt/foo, exactly as requires

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