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[Bug 705238] It takes 10 minutes to launch xterm over ssh

--- Comment #12 from Christopher Yeleighton <giecrilj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 2011-08-01
16:43:08 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #11)
Addressing the middle part (reducing the fonts needed by
xterm for UTF-8 mode) is stickier since there are probably
places where xterm loads a font to check on its size.
Some of that can be deferred - needs some investigation.

I found this:

If the CHARSET_ENCODING contains a "[" (LEFT SQUARE BRACKET), the "[" and the
characters after it up to a "]" (RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET) are a subsetting hint
telling the font source that the client is interested only in a subset of the
characters of the font. The font source can, optionally, return a font that
contains only those characters or any superset of those characters. The client
can expect to obtain valid glyphs and metrics only for those characters, and
not for any other characters in the font. The font properties may optionally be
calculated by considering only the characters in the subset.


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