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[Bug 703682] bash completion ignores CDPATH settings

Dennis Olsson <DOlsson@xxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #24 from Dennis Olsson <DOlsson@xxxxxx> 2011-07-13 18:05:32 CEST ---
Sorry, Werner, to bother you once again, but it seems that the completion is
doing a bit too much, when using the <tab> expander:

$ ll ../../../
total 12
drwx------ 36 dolsson users 4096 Jul 13 17:47 apps
drwx------ 2 dolsson users 4096 Jul 1 09:33 autostart
drwx------ 4 dolsson users 4096 Jul 13 17:45 config
$ cd ../../../<tab>
ApacheDirectoryStudio/ .gimp-2.6/ .mozilla/
thumbnails/ Public/ dev/
VirtualBox/ .gkrellm2/ .novell/
vim/ Repositories/ dolsson/
adobe/ .gnome2/ .oces2/
xine/ Templates/ etc/
cddb/ .gnome2_private/ .oit/
Desktop/ Videos/ home/
config/ .gnupg/ .ooo3/
Documents/ app-defaults/ lib/
cups/ .gstreamer-0.10/ .pulse/
Downloads/ apps/ lib64/
dbus/ .gvfs/ .shell_setup/
Eclipse/ autostart/ lost+found/ srv/
dia/ .java/ .skel/
G+HNetzwerk-Design/ bin/ media/ sys/
dirstack/ .kde4/ .ssh-agent/
GWArchive/ boot-os111/ mnt/ tmp/
fontconfig/ .libreoffice/ .ssh/
Music boot/ net/ usr/
gconf/ .local/ .subversion/
Music/ config/ opt/ var/
gconfd/ .macromedia/ .teamviewer/
Pictures/ data/ private/

where I was only expecting:

apps/ autostart/ config/

or like this:

$ ls /
bin boot boot-os111 data dev etc home lib lib64 lost+found media mnt
net opt private proc root sbin selinux srv sys tmp usr var virtual
$ cd /<tab>
Display all 164 possibilities? (y or n)
$ # ????, but there is only 25 entries in /!!!

To me, it seems that even in cases, where you are using a relative or absolute
path the full CDPATH is being taken into consideration.
This is definitively overkill and surely not the way I had expected the
completion to work.

I would say that the CDPATH should only be regarded, when using:

$ cd (-or- pushd) <tab>
$ cd (-or- pushd) <char(s)><tab>

but not when doing

$ cd ./<tab>
$ cd ../<tab>

In other words, completion should only consider CDPATH in cases, where the used
path to be completed does not already contain a relative or absolute path


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