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[Bug 682861] insserv does not work for smpppd

--- Comment #24 from Dieter Jurzitza <dieter.jurzitza@xxxxxxxxxxx> 2011-03-31
19:06:06 UTC ---
In reply to #16:
You are totally right. Leftover symlinks in the unused directory (rc4.d ...)
caused my problem. I could easily reproduce this.

Hard to detect for me. Question: if there are no active links to a directory
(i. E. no scriptfile having relations to runlevel 4), wouln't it be possible to
detect this? Couldn't one delete symlinks automatically, assuming that a link
that isn't related to any dependency is invalid (I'am thinking of an array of
unsigned int containing as many uints as runlevels, initialized to zero at the
start of insserv. If a scriptfile in /etc/init.d refers to a runlevel by any
means (Should Start, Should Stop, whatsoever), the corresponding entry in the
array is increased by one.
At the end of the walk through /etc/init.d rnlvl[3] would still be zero now,
that could provide the information that all links into rc4.d ought to be
deleted as they are invalid)?

Just my 2 cents here, and, thanks a lot for helping me out - things work now
(for me ...)

Take care

Dieter Jurzitza

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