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[Bug 648718] plasma-desktop crashes with latest nvidia driver 260.19.12

--- Comment #92 from Michael Matz <matz@xxxxxxxxxx> 2011-03-03 09:22:00 UTC ---
See my comment #79. The div-by-zero is in, no doubt. But the code
therein is okay, so something else must be clobbering stack or registers
asynchronously. That's probably also why I couldn't reproduce it with any
self-built glibc with some debugging code, or under gdb or strace. I.e.
when using a different glibc the fault may indeed go away, but it will merely
be hidden, not solved. This heisenbug property would also explain why only
openSUSE seems to have the problem, its glibc happens to be unfortunate
enough to have just the right code layout to trigger the bug :-/

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