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[Bug 620417] yast (gtk) button icons
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  • Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 12:22:52 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from Ricardo Cruz <rpmcruz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2010-07-14
12:22:50 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #4)
I'm guessing it pretty much boils down to "Windows 7 shows no frigging

I doubt so -- it's actually the first time I hear this about Windows 7.

Nothing surprising about it; no past Windows version used icons for buttons.

What's surprising (and this was my point) is how Linux desktops have been
blending more and more with OSX and Windows (especially the latter) as both of
these desktops have become very stunning indeed. KDE 2.0 was a product quite
apart from the hideous Windows 98, and was very visually competitive too. But
interestingly, as Windows and OSX have been growing an individuality, KDE and
Gnome feel more and more like copycats. For years, KDE and Gnome had been
showing menu icons; the timing to get rid of them seems very odd if indeed it
is uncorrelated with developments on the other line of the fire.

Maybe it is unconscious, but according to your link it isn't even the case.
This is the rationale offered by the original proposal to get rid of the icons:

* Many (if not most) of the GNOME designers agree with this
* OS X and Vista don't show them (except for special cases)
* opening menus is much faster without them
* the metaphors for the icons are often pretty useless
* it is much more elegant and less visually cluttered without them
* etc.
Also see:

As I read it: "Mac and Windows do it. [ insert a few rationalizations ]"

Looking at this list, I feel none of them really need an icon. But I would
argue it really depends on the interface in the end -- there's no automatic

We use an automatic rule because we don't have the benefit of specifying the
button icons on a tool per tool basis. The less ordinary icons are used by only
a couple of tools anyhow. I've already listed a couple; if anyone knows more
cases, please list them, and we can then see what makes more sense in general.

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