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[Bug 595612] yast2-printer: add initial responsive test if CUPS server is accessible
  • From: bugzilla_noreply@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 09:13:07 +0000
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--- Comment #4 from Anton Moiseev <benderamp@xxxxxxxxx> 2010-04-14 09:13:06 UTC
I cannot do anything against low-level DNS timeouts...

I think it is ok if printer list check/cups server test can take visible amount
of time - this is network operation and there are many things that can make it
to take a long time. For current issue I think there could be made an
improvement in UI, so this long-running operation would not launched by
accident - it should be only when the users knows what he is doing.

So, for example I have configured the system to use remote cups server and this
worked ok, then switched off yast, switched off remote cups server and try to
start yast printer config again.

1. Yast opens on "Printer configurations" page and locks with busy cursor while
trying to load printer list from unavailable server - for now this is ok
(though background threading could make much improvements here if it were

2. When the printer list check operation finishes, it shows me error window, I
close it and receive "Printer configurations" page without busy cursor - for
now this also ok.

3. I click anywhere on the printer table with the mouse and receive busy cursor
for minute or 2 again - this is not ok and can be changed - printer list check
operation should not be launched when I click on the printer table.

4. Ater busy cursor is gone again and "Printer configurations" page is again
available, intuitevely I click on the "Remote" checkbox (my intuitive idea was
that if I exclude remote devices from the list, the long-running remote cups
server check will be triggered) - and receive busy cursor for minute or 2 again
- this is not ok and can be changed in the ui.

5. Only after few tries I realized that when the busy cursor is gone I can
click on the "Print via Network" page and disable remote cups server there -
after that the "busy cursor for 2 minutes on any random click hell" was gone.

So, the suggestion is to add "remote cups server not available" mode to the
configuration UI - in this mode the config dialog would not try to deal with
remote cups server on random user action and for example would show panel
built-in the config window (not on separate popup dialog) with warning message
like "remote cups server xxx not available" and 2 buttons: "reconnect" and
"disable printing via this server".

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