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[Bug 557586] ACPI is disabled on this system
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  • Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 06:46:08 +0000
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Scott Couston <alpha096@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #19 from Scott Couston <alpha096@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2010-02-24
06:46:07 UTC ---
I have an AMD Phenom(tm) 9950 Quad-Core Processor
Speed: 1125,000,0003001.2500 MHz
Cores: 4
Memory Information
Total memory (RAM): 71.258 GiB
Free memory: 61.258 GiB (+ 6291.257 MiB Caches)
Free swap: 241.256 GiB

The AMD BIOS control gives us the ability to either enable a feature called
Cool N' Quiet or not.
The default is enabled.
When enabled the CPU frequency always starts the CPU clock on a very low clock
speed (during boot)or any low demand?
The upshift of the clock frequency of the CPU is dependant on ACPI and laggs
horribly behind and for many of us offers poorer overall performance.
To not have our CPU's starting out at full clock speed or taking an inordinate
amount of time to upshift, unless sufficient demands are made of it, makes many
of us Disable this in BIOS
If I boot from Linux x86_64 kernel with Cool N Quiet
ENABLED (CPU ACPI Interface ON) system will boot without much of an issue - The
start-up log is attached.
IF, like most of us who want full performance all the time, I DISABLE this, the
Video/Sound/Freezing/Keyboard Frozen...etc plage an X_86 PC and the start-up
log indicates the "CPUFrequency Not Supported"
The Install DVD Kernel does not have the freezing issues as described if
DISABLED or Enabled in BIOS. Only Linux x86_64.

We need Kernel Development to cope with both BIOS settings, particularly for
most who want to start with max CPU clock frequency.

Now it gets ugly - I have attached the start-up log of Kernel Linux x86_64, with BIOS feature Enabled. The PC is stable, but
the log is very very ugly and sick, BUT the hardware is NOT.

All of the above is reproducible 100% unless my 6 x X_64 PC's just happen to
have the same problem.

There is nothing wrong with out hardware and nothing wrong with our BIOS

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