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[Bug 553604] Failure create F12 PV DomU via vm-install
  • From: bugzilla_noreply@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 08:57:46 +0000
  • Message-id: <20100208085746.BF661CC7CE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

chris epicier <seuchato@xxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from chris epicier <seuchato@xxxxxxxx> 2010-02-08 08:57:45 UTC
(In reply to comment #1)
What happens if you start vm-install with no arguments and manually setup your
guest by selecting 'PXE Boot' from the 'Operating System Installation' screen?

I might not hit the exact thing, but here is my trial:
Gathering settings...

Please specify the type of operating system that will run within the virtual
machine. This defines many defaults, and helps decide how to start
paravirtualized operating systems.
Press 'q' or the Escape key to exit.
1: Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (Linux)
2: Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (NetWare)
3: Other operating system
4: PXE
5: RedHat (other)
6: RedHat Enterprise Linux 3
7: RedHat Enterprise Linux 4
8: RedHat Enterprise Linux 5
9: SUSE (other)
10: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
11: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11
12: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8
13: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
14: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
15: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
16: Solaris 9 and older
17: Solaris 10
18: Windows (other)
19: Windows (other, x64)
20: Windows NT
21: Windows Server 2008
22: Windows Server 2008 (x64)
23: Windows Vista, Windows 7
24: Windows Vista, Windows 7 (x64)
25: Windows XP, 2000, 2003
26: Windows XP, 2003 (x64)
27: openSUSE
28: openSUSE 11
[28] > 4

Virtual machines can use paravirtualization or full virtualization.
Paravirtualization is faster but requires operating system support. Full
virtualization runs a broader range of operating systems but requires hardware
support. Which do you prefer?
1: Full virtualization
2: Paravirtualization
[2] > 2

Please choose a name for the virtual machine.
[pxe] > F12

Specify the amount of memory and number of processors to allocate for the VM.
Initial Memory [256] >
Maximum Memory [256] >
Virtual Processors [1] >

Please specify the type of virtualized graphics hardware.
1: No Graphics Support
2: Paravirtualized Graphics Adapter
[2] > 1

Virtual Disks:
Do you want to add another virtual disk?
(Y / N) [Y] > y

Create a virtual disk based on a device (CD or other block device), an existing
image file (ISO), or a new file. Specify a device by its device node, such as
/dev/cdrom, not its mount point.
What type of virtual disk do you want to add?
1: CD-ROM or DVD
2: Hard Disk
[2] > /dev/VGsys/F12
ERROR Please type a number.
Error: Please type a number.
[2] > 1
Where will the virtual disk physically reside?
[/var/lib/xen/images/F12/xvda] > /dev/VGsys/F12

Virtual Disks:
8.0 GB CD-ROM or DVD (phy:/dev/VGsys/F12)
Do you want to add another virtual disk?
(Y / N) [N] > n

Network Adapters
Do you want to add another virtual network adapter?
(Y / N) [Y] > y

Network Adapters
Paravirtualized; Randomly generated MAC address
Do you want to add another virtual network adapter?
(Y / N) [N] > y

Network Adapters
Paravirtualized; Randomly generated MAC address
Paravirtualized; Randomly generated MAC address
Do you want to add another virtual network adapter?
(Y / N) [N] > n

Specify the bootable virtual disk (often labeled as Disk 1) or the network
installation source URL. Each CD, DVD, or ISO image required for installation
must be added as a virtual disk.
1: Network URL (ftp://, http://, nfs://, smb://, dev:/, pxe)
[1] >
Type the install URL: >

Some operating systems support automating the installation by specifying a URL
or file(s). Select a directory to include multiple files.
AutoYaST file >

Some operating systems accept additional arguments, used to customize the
installation or boot process.
Additional Arguments >

Preparing to start the installation...

Error: None
and this time with --debug option, I deleted all
DEBUG Setting options[extra_args] =

DEBUG start recalculation
DEBUG Setting options[connect] = <vminstall.xen_hypervisor.Xend instance at
DEBUG Setting options[use_libvirt] = False
DEBUG Setting options[os_type] = pxe
DEBUG Setting options[pxe_boot] = False
DEBUG Setting options[full_virt] = False
DEBUG Setting options[install] = 1
DEBUG Setting options[upgrade_managed_vm] = False
DEBUG Setting options[name] = F12
DEBUG Setting options[apic] = False
DEBUG Setting options[non_pae] = True
DEBUG Setting options[no_install] = False
DEBUG Setting options[preserve_on_error] = False
DEBUG Setting options[memoryMB] = 256
DEBUG Setting options[max_memoryMB] = 256
DEBUG Setting options[vcpus] = 1
DEBUG Setting options[cpuid] = []
DEBUG Setting options[cpu_check] = []
DEBUG Setting options[loader] = /usr/bin/pygrub
DEBUG Setting options[uuid] = 05d49f8a-3b42-0555-a967-c239efe706f8
DEBUG Setting options[on_crash] = destroy
DEBUG Setting options[on_poweroff] = destroy
DEBUG Setting options[on_reboot] = restart
DEBUG Setting options[keymap] = None
DEBUG Setting options[graphics_viewer] = vnc
DEBUG Setting options[vnc_password] =
DEBUG Setting options[vncport] = None
DEBUG Setting options[graphics] = none
DEBUG Setting options[disks] = [phy:/dev/VGsys/F12,0,disk,w,8192.0,]
DEBUG Checking for conflicts between disks: ['8.0 GB Hard Disk
DEBUG Setting options[nics] = [,br0,para,0]
DEBUG Setting options[extra_args] =
DEBUG Setting options[source] = None
DEBUG Setting options[source] =
DEBUG Setting options[os_settings] =
DEBUG Setting options[vncport] = None
DEBUG Setting options[norestart] = None
DEBUG Setting options[debug] = True
DEBUG Setting options[ui] = None
DEBUG Setting options[background] = None
DEBUG Setting options[noautoconsole] = None
DEBUG Setting options[_install_args] = None
DEBUG Setting options[_runtime_args] = xencons=tty
DEBUG Setting options[config_dir] = /etc/xen/vm/
DEBUG end recalculation
Preparing to start the installation...

DEBUG getServAddr: bridge: br0
DEBUG PXE Server address got
INFO Exception caught in None
INFO Installation failed, so destroying VM
INFO Installation failed, so cleaning up disks
Error: None
DEBUG ParaVirtGuest.__del__
DEBUG Job.__del__
INFO Job exiting while in state 1; assuming canceled
Kindly note:
my setup is on amd x2, but I believe that does not matter here. I believe this
is the info you wanted to get.
Let me know If I can assist more.

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