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[Bug 520975] Sound devices work with different model options, but never all together.
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  • Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 04:26:06 -0600
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User jost@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx added comment

--- Comment #31 from Steffen Jost <jost@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2009-08-05
04:26:04 MDT ---
(In reply to comment #30)
So, I think the driver works without extra model option, right?

No! There are two problems remaining:

cat /proc/asound/version
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.20-git20090805.
Compiled on Aug 4 2009 for kernel (SMP).

6) :(
Without the model option dell-m4-1, the built-in microphone does not work at

However, the docking station's line out works fine without the model option

7) :(
Even with the model option dell-m4-1, input source2 does not work at all. In
Kmix (since alsamixer does not show these settings now), I ticked the record
tick box on both "Capture" and "Capture2" and put them both at 95%; and Mux and
Mux2 at the 3rd highest setting out of 4 possible setting, but regardless which
input source I select, only input source1 is heard. I do not recall input
source 2 to ever work, though.

(However, I test recording via Skype Test Call Service. Given 3) below, how do
I test it with a more reliable program?)

8) :)
Furthermore, position_fix=2 is apparently not needed any more either - at least
without that option I do not hear the switching noises any more as I did a few
weeks ago.

(In reply to comment #28)
1) :)
The headphones now take precedence correctly.

Also very odd: Skype is now automatically adjusting the slider "Digital Mic"
and not "Capture" as it did before.

Maybe you are accessing "default" PCM in Skype, and I guess it's "Digital
Capture", not "Digital Mic".

I did not change the Skype settings at all, the only thing that changed was the
ALSA driver!

Skype's Audio settings simply says "HDA Intel (hw:Intel,0)", as it always did.
Before, it always adjusted the capture volume to a sane level, but now it is
adjusting the "Digital Mic" slider, which causes unusable mic noise.

Nevertheless this might be all messy Skype's fault and thus outside the scope
here. Furthermore there is a workaround by prohibiting Skype to adjust the
mixer levels through its options dialogue, which is just a minor inconvenience.

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