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[Bug 466484] on shutdown the home-partition does not clearly unmount.
  • From: bugzilla_noreply@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 16:10:52 -0600 (MDT)
  • Message-id: <20090408221052.88D1FCC7D0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

User diego.ercolani@xxxxxxxxx added comment

--- Comment #137 from Diego Ercolani <diego.ercolani@xxxxxxxxx> 2009-04-08
16:10:48 MDT ---
reference comment #133:

ps -Leo pid,ppid,sid,lwp,stat,comm | grep bacula
3187 1 3187 3187 Ssl bacula-fd
3187 1 3187 3190 Ssl bacula-fd
3188 1 3188 3188 Ssl bacula-sd
3188 1 3188 3201 Ssl bacula-sd
3383 1 3383 3383 Ssl bacula-dir
3383 1 3383 3518 Ssl bacula-dir
3383 1 3383 3519 Ssl bacula-dir

for the zombiness....

rcbacula-dir stop
rcbacula-fd stop
rcbacula-sd stop

ps axuwww | grep bacula
root 3188 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? Zsl 17:58 0:02 [bacula-sd]

It seem that bacula-sd remains zombie until tape driver (DDS3-SCSI) ejects its
tape, so it could be a sort of i/o freeze....
But I can tell you that always the shutdown procedure take less time that is
taken by the tapedriver to rewind and eject the tape..... and often the
shutdown procedure successfully remount readonly the root filesystem.

My 2 ยข... I read that bacula has been removed from the factory.... I think is
one of the best piece of software it has ever written, I think is a bad idea to
remove it from the distribution

comment #134:
Yes, also spindownd comes from Packman repository, from a small search via
google, I have understood that "log_daemon_msg" and "log_end_message" are log
facilities that belong to linux standard base 3.0-3 (functions that are defined
in /lib/lsb/init-functions) the error message you refer to, doesn't seem to
leave the daemon in a dirty state after rcspindaemon stop. The sysinit script
also refers to another function that is "status_of_proc" that it isn't defined
in opensuse 11.1 /lib/lsb/init-tools:
extract of /etc/init.d/spindown:
case "$1" in
log_daemon_msg "Starting disk spindown daemon" "spindownd"
start_daemon -p $PIDFILE $DAEMON -d -s $STATUSPATH -c $CONFPATH -p
log_end_msg $?

exit $?

log_daemon_msg "Stopping disk spindown daemon" "spindownd"
killproc -p $PIDFILE $DAEMON
log_end_msg $?

exit $?

if status_of_proc -p $PIDFILE $DAEMON spindown; then
echo -n
exit 1

killproc -p $PIDFILE $DAEMON -PIPE

exit 0

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